Monday, January 5, 2015


“A great organization is one that delivers superior performance and makes a distinct impact over a long period of time, keeping in mind that performance must be assessed relative to the mission.” - Jim Collins, “Good to Great and the Social Sectors” 

As we begin the New Year, NPC begins implementing its 2015-20 strategic plan, which was adopted by the board of directors at the annual meeting in October 2014. 

The strategic plan reaffirms our mission statement, vision statement and values. Our strategic objectives and goals are articulated here

The focus of our work will center on three areas: 
  • Educational support 
  • Growth management 
  • Marketing and outreach 

We realize there are opportunities to educate and better equip our NPC family and our stakeholders with Panhellenic knowledge. 

We know that there are opportunities to better collaborate in areas of growth management and to follow trends and projections as we consider what the sorority experience should look like in the future. 

We understand that there are opportunities to strengthen our position as the premier advocate of the sorority movement through enhanced marketing and outreach efforts. 

Watch for progress reports in the months and years to come. This is just the beginning of sunny skies ahead with limitless opportunities for NPC. 

Are you wearing your sunglasses? NPC is ready to get started on our five-year journey from good to great. We are determined to rise to the challenge outlined by Jim Collins and effectively deliver on our mission and make a distinct impact.

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